Money-Back Guarantee Policy

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Check out our money-back guarantee policy before placing an order with us. Below, you can find the basic information on this issue.

  1. If you cancel your order before our managers assign a writer to it, you can receive a full refund. If we have already assigned a writer to complete the task, you can get up to 70% if less than half of the time has passed after submitting the order. The reason is that a writer has already started doing your assignment and he or she should be compensated for it.
  2. We always work hard to ensure that the most accurate and capable writers are assigned to complete customers’ projects. If we can’t find the available writer to deal with your order, we will give your money back.
  3. When placing an order, make sure that your deadline is set correctly. If an expert delivers an assignment after the deadline, you can request a recalculation of the price according to how late your order was completed. 
  4. If you understand that you have been billed twice and received a receipt twice, contacting our support team will help you get the additional payment refunded as soon as possible.
  5. We at YourAssignmentHelper have a policy of providing 100% satisfaction for our prospective clients. This ensures that our specialists continue to work on the assignment until the students are satisfied with the order. If the revisions don’t work and you are completely dissatisfied with the assignment, you may ask for another writer to deal with your order or a partial refund. 
  6. If you pay an additional cost for an advanced writer, native speaker, or one of our top 10 experts, but we can’t find someone in one of the mentioned categories to work on your assignment, we will assign the best expert available instead. In such a situation, the surcharge you paid will be refunded.

You should understand that if your claim does not fall into these categories, it will likely not be considered valid, and therefore, no reimbursement will be given.